"I've had the privilege of working across all facets of the styling industry, from capturing editorials for traditional glossy magazines to pioneering the "New Style" magazine movement. My international journey as a stylist involved collaborative efforts with leading creatives, affording me the chance to contribute to campaigns for prestigious commercial and luxury clients.

In my role as a celebrity stylist, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Whether it's shaping their image conceptually or preparing them for red carpet events, the diversity of projects has been both thrilling and rewarding.

Over time, I've built a robust network of talented professionals and honed a deep understanding of various aspects of the creative process. This proficiency led to recognition as a creative director, where I successfully delivered projects for both fashion and non-fashion brands, always attuned to the evolving global zeitgeist.

More recently, my expertise has been sought after by brands and communication agencies to provide insights on navigating the increasingly important social landscape, particularly in response to the awakening social mood of diversity and inclusion. My role extends beyond styling to advising on the development of focused brand messaging, encompassing everything from imagery to the implementation of internal inclusion processes. It's a challenging but crucial aspect of my work that reflects constant evolution dynamics of the creative industry.

Beyond the perceived glamour, my passion is for education. The main goal has centred around fostering the development of students and emerging talent by offering a varied approach to mentorship opportunities inspired by my journey alongside real-world practices in this dynamic industry.

My journey continues with gratitude, whilst breaking creative norms and converging experiential educational practices to inspire a new generation of cross disciplined industry professionals."

    • Over 25 years of passion and expertise in the fashion and creative sector.
    • Seasoned British interdisciplinary industry professional based in Mexico City.
    • Creative 360 approach: photography, video, experiential, digital, print, social, web3.
    • Initiated my career in public relations at YSL & Donna Karan post-graduation from London College of Fashion.
    • Successful 20+ year career as a fashion stylist and creative art director.
    • Versed in editorial, celebrity, and commercial projects with a focus on authentic storytelling through compelling visual language.
    • Specialist in emerging markets, focusing on China, India, UAE, and Africa.
    • Instrumental in collaborative consultations for fashion and non-fashion brands.
    • Guided projects from collection development to creative imagery conceptualisation.
    • Recognised the need for innovation in education through industry focused experiential programs.
    • Developed experiential programs integrated into the curriculum of renowned institutions like the London College of Fashion (University of The Arts) and Pearl Academy Asia's leading designing institution in India.
    • Participants gain practical experience, and industry exposure, and develop dynamic skill sets for the future.